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Top 5 Qualities of An Exceptional Payday Loan

With the popularity of payday loans rising steadily, lenders are also finding new ways to reach clients. This eventually leads to the growing number of borrowers within a short time frame. Now that more payday lenders have become active in the market, it’s somehow confusing to find the right one. Instead of focusing on the lender, why not shift your attention towards the universal qualities of an exceptional payday loan? What makes a payday loan favorable in the radar of borrowers?

Below are some factors that you can analyze.

Reasonable Interest Rates and Fees

An exceptional payday loan must offer beautiful interest rates and fees to all borrowers. To know if a payday loan has a manageable interest, determine the total amount that you have to pay at the end of the agreement. Together with other fees, the amount must not exceed 200%. However, the situation is different if you’ll factor in penalty fees. If you cannot repay the loan, you’ll be slapped with penalties and the lender is obliged to increase the rates. To find out if a lender has reasonable interest rates, check out popular client reviews. You shouldn’t just trust the numbers being shown in the lender’s website. At times, these numbers are just approximations to draw in clients.

Variably High Amount

Payday loans are short-term solutions. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect for a larger window of amount. Normally, payday loans are offered in bursts of £500 or £1000. You’re lucky if you found a lender that can offer more than those amounts. If you do, you should watch out for the interest. With the payday lending industry booming, you should expect for high-amount loans in the coming months. However, even if payday loan amounts have increased, they still pale in comparison to secured loans. If you need a business capital, for example, you can choose to apply for a secured loan instead. This will give you a larger loan amount on top of other privileges.

Actively Marketed in Different Areas

A payday loan that’s actively marketed in different areas is possibly a good loan offer. That is, if you can pinpoint the lender that’s offering the said loan. To do this, constant research is needed. You need to combine the elements of word of mouth, social media, payday loan directories, and other useful channels. This should take you no more than an hour. You’ll likely find a top 25 or top 50 list of the best payday lenders within your area. Mark the lenders you want then start applying for their active offers.


A great payday loan is always available to all borrowers. Every now and then, some payday lenders are not offering their loans to borrowers. This could be due to many restrictions and the borrower’s denied application. The high-value payday loan that you’re looking for will be available across different lending channels, directories, and websites.

24/7 Lender Support

Many high-value payday loans are offered with 24/7 support. So, if you have questions with your loan agreement, you can ask the lender anytime you want. This is one of the qualities that you shouldn’t just ignore. Keep in mind that lender support can go a long way. It will keep confusion out of the frame so that you won’t be stressed all throughout the loan agreement. On top of that, open communication with your lender will possibly entitle you to better rates in the future. Aside from the typical hotline and website chat, the lender must have a Facebook account for better communication standards.

Why Payday Loans are Here to Stay?

If someone tells you that payday loans are vanishing anytime soon, that person is delusional. The payday lending industry is largely expanding, reaching out to areas that weren’t covered before. Also, the power of the cyberspace gave way to the rise of modernized payday lenders that can implement automated borrowing and repayment mechanics. Bad credit lenders have also become more popular, since they are practical for people from all walks of life. Even though predatory lending is still a major concern, UK has implemented strict regulations to crack down on these ‘loan vipers.’ Every payday lending website today is regulated and must pass different financial standards. With payday loans guaranteed approval, direct lenders are definitely here to stay.

Once you found a payday loan that covers most or all of these qualities, you should go for it. That type of high-value loan will give you maximum returns and virtually zero hassles. Check out the latest UK listings of the best lenders so you can find the right loan you’re looking for.

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