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Companies In The UK To Choose From
For those who are seeking quick cash but are worried about their credit score, applying for a payday loan is the best solution!
What Is A Payday Loan?
Payday loan companies are rampant nowadays, each, promising to provide money to those who need it. Well it’s true, living from paycheck to paycheck is happening and no matter how big or small the income is, it’s quite inevitable.
Fortunately, payday loans are able to assist those with financial obligations or are just looking for ways to stretch their earnings for a short time.
What payday loan companies’ offer is a loan, referred as “payday loans,” that a working individual can borrow for a short time. The amount though is small but still, it comes with a tremendous rate of interest. Normally, the borrower would write a post-dated personal check which is named under the lender or the lender’s company. The sum should be the amount that they are borrowing plus the fee or charge intended for it.
As for the lender, the check will be encashed on the agreed date which usually falls on the next paycheck.
Payday loans are often referred as salary loan, payday advance, payroll loan, short term, small dollar loan, or cash advance loan.
Where To Apply For Payday Loans?
There are several payday loan companies in the UK where people can borrow money from. These companies help in case you are in need of money for certain reasons such as filling your tooth, repairing your car, buying a new phone, etc.
However, since it’s only a payday loan, these payday loan companies only offer a small amount. Nevertheless, it’s quick and easy as it won’t require you to provide any collateral, so it’s still probably helpful for you.
Here are some of the payday loan companies that you should check out:
Mr. Lender
The best thing about Mr. Lender perhaps is that they don’t have any up-front nor late fees. They also provide a loan calculator on their website so you’ll quickly see the amount that you need to repay after the payday loan is approved.

One of the most trusted payday loan companies to check out in the UK is Wonga. This company provides short term loans which can be repaid for up to 35 days. The company brags on its flexibility which means that they allow you to repay early which means that you can save from interest.
What makes it unique is that Peachy offers more than what “standard payday loans offer.” They also offer clear pricing structure which means a lot to the customers as this represents transparency. Furthermore, they have flexible repayment options.
WageDay Advance
With WageDay Advance, borrowers can borrow from £80 – £1000 and they can be repaid from one month to six months. Despite the fact that payday loans are considered expensive, WageDay Advance aims to offer affordable loans, making it easier for the borrower to repay.
These are just some of the payday loan companies in the UK that you can choose from. However, it’s best to consider which one will suit you and your capability to repay first to avoid more financial problems.

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