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You’re probably familiar with short term loans. You seem to hear them often and did plan to apply for or already have applied for one. Cash loans can be a useful aid if you need a little extra cash but your pay check is not until next week or next month. These type of loans can cover up your sudden expenditures and repay them by a certain period of time. One of the short term loans available is the same day cash loan.

What is same day cash loan?
A same day cash loan is almost like any other unsecured loans, but the process of application is easy and mostly it is entirely done online. The transactions are entirely online-based and doesn’t require you to face a lending staff that will tend to ask a lot of questions regarding to your loan request. So it is more convenient for some people who don’t like being ask a lot of questions. By accessing same day cash loan, you are free to apply a request for the lending company. Just simply fill-up a form online and state the amount that you wish to borrow, no need for physical appearances in the offices of the lender to submit tangible requirements like monthly pay check or certificate of employment. And since the application is fully web-based, you can apply anytime, 24/7.

Who can apply for a same day cash loan?
Anyone can apply for this short-term loan. But only those who are qualified based on the loan application requirements would be approved by the lender. However, unqualified borrowers will not be given a chance to get the short-term loan.

What are the requirements to qualify a request of same day cash loan?
The requirements/qualifications needed to approve a request of the said loans are the following:
At least 18 years old and above
A legitimate UK citizen or natural born resident.
Has been currently employed for the last 90 days.
Having a salary at least £750 a month or higher.
Receiving fix payments like monthly pensions or monthly remittances.
Has an active bank account that is based in the UK.
Has an active phone number and/or email address.

How much I can borrow on a same day cash loan and how would I repay it?
How much you can borrow depends on how much you earn. The minimum and maximum amount that a borrower can borrow is calculated based on his monthly salary plus the length of time that he’ll consume to repay the said loan. In some other cases the calculation results say that you can borrow more than what you really need, this is very tempting for the borrower, however risky as short term loans like this have other fees and an interest rate that is included at the amount to be paid. The higher the amount requested, the higher the charges of other fees that will be acquired to the said loan.
You can repay your loan mostly during you payday. You may allow the lender to have a post-dated check that indicates a certain amount that he may deduct in your salary or you may be the one to repay the said loan by a certain date. You can use either online or the usual bank transactions in repaying the said loan.

How long would I wait to get my loan after my request was approved?
It will usually take you at least 30 minutes to an hour to get your loan after approval, it will either handed to you as cash or deposit it to your bank account.

What are the important things to consider before applying a same day cash loan?
Although same day cash loans are very convincing. There are some implications that you need to consider before you apply for a request. Here are the list of the things you should consider:
Short-term loans such as same day cash loans have higher interest rates. Compare to other types of loans that mostly offer by banks, short term loans interest are way higher. Usually the APR (Annual percentage rate) of this kind of loans are going up to 400%.
Short term loans have add-up fees that can be a culprit to the borrower. Short –term loans impose fees such as penalty fee when you didn’t repay on time or skipped a payment date. This kind of add up fees will add up to your repayment bill that may cause loan blow up that will take time for you to entirely repay it.
It gives you a record of bad credit rating when you don’t pay your loan properly. When you neglect your liability, the chances are you may have a bad credit rating record that will affect some loan applications that you may wish to apply in the future.
Not all request are being approved despite passing all of the lender’s qualifications. Sometimes the request for a same day cash loan cannot be approved despite having no trouble when meeting their criteria. In some cases, things like this happens. Some issues with the borrower hinders the approval like employment issues and bank account issues.

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