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Uncle Buck has been offering online short term cash loans since 2004. They aim to provide straightforward solution to emergency cash needs with a simple online application process and same day loan funding for approved applications. Uncle Buck optimized the use of the rapid growing technology and internet to facilitate loans, the application for the loan is 100% online therefore you don’t need to wait for a long time in the bank for your loan, no paperworks and documents to be faxed needed, all you need is an internet then fill up the application which can be completed with the use of desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. This provides convenience to loaners. Apply within a couple of minutes and get a quick decision. Online decisions are subject to thorough checks being carried out and they will only offer you a loan if they believe you can pay it back on time.

Once the application is approved, funds are transferred every hour between 8 am to midnight, 7 days a week. If your bank does not support Faster Payment then payment may require up to 3 days to reach your account. Your loan is paid in 3 installments over the next 3 paydays, payments for your loan are assumed at day 23, day 53 and day 83.
Exact repayment amounts and interest may change slightly subject to your pay date. Exact amounts are provided in your loan documentation and you should read and consider all the content given in your documentation to ensure that the loan you want is suitable for your needs. Please remember that this is a rate capped product, which means:
They will not charge you more than 0.8% interest per day on the outstanding principal.
They will not charge you more than £15.00 in total in default fees.

If you do not repay on due time, you will not be obliged to repay in total more than twice the amount you borrow. For example, if you borrow £100.00 you will not be required to pay back more than £200.00 in capital, interest and charges.

How much can you borrow?
For first timers Uncle Buck can only lend you a loan of £100 up to £500, meanwhile for their existing customers with an established and secure repayment record may apply to borrow up to £1,000.

How to apply?
You need to fill up their application, in which you will supply them with your personal details, income and expenditure, and your bank and card details.
After supplying them with your details Uncle Buck will thoroughly check your details and once approved funds will be transferred into your account.

When do you get paid?
In terms of when you are going to get paid, Uncle Buck offers a flexible term regarding this in which you can choose when to get paid. They offer four options.
Every last business day of the month
Fixed date of the month wherein you will be the one to choose the date
Particular day each month. You can pick from last Monday to last Friday of the month
4 weekly pay

Incase their collection attempt is declined by your bank they will contact you and resolve the situation as soon as they are aware that your payment has failed. If they cannot collect the money you owe them on the repayment date, a default charge of £15.00 may be charged on you on your first missed installment and be put on to your account if your payment is still unsettled after 3 days. In addition, if your loan is in arrears and you do not communicate with them, default interest may also be applied subject to the application of the rate cap.

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