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PiggyBank is an online payday company that was first launched on the year 2012; it is devoted to produce the world’s best financial product for borrowers. Piggybank is a trading name of DJS (UK) Limited. PiggyBank only lends to those who can manage to pay for their loan without putting themselves in any financial problem.

Piggybank thoroughly checks if the person applying for the loan can repay in due time, if they think the borrower will struggle to repay they will not lend to them. PiggyBank applications are 100% online which makes it very convenient; with a few requirements and an internet you can have your short term loan in a few minutes anytime of the day, this is very handy if you encounter unexpected things and needs a loan immediately.

PiggyBank lets you use a unique loan calculator upon applying; using their loan calculator will give you the liberty to customize your loan amount and terms, it will also show you the full breakdown of your loan and how much you should pay back in total and on which dates your loan is due. You can also repay your loan earlier, this will save interest as you only pay interest on the days you have used the loan. You can also do part payments any time, by doing so this will reduce your interest and make your loan much cheaper.

As for their short term loans, they offer £100 to £1,000 loans for new costumers and for returning costumers up to £1,500 and can be taken to 7 to 35 days loan. They make sure that you can see exactly how much your loan will cost you to payback before you make a decision about your loan, also you can pay your loan early with no hidden charges.

How to apply
You need to have an active mobile phone where they’ll send the pin that you’ll use to enter the system. Piggybank loan is exclusive to UK residents therefore you must be living and working in UK to be qualified for the loan.
You must also be over 18 years old to be an eligible borrower.
You must be currently employed and working at least over 16 hours a week.

Piggybank will deposit the loan into your bank account and use your debit card details to collect the agreed amount of payback therefore you must have a bank account.

Piggybank will ask your personal details, employment information, income and expenditure and bank account details. After this PiggyBank will perform several checks on your credit history, identification, bank verification and affordability assessment, to make sure you can afford the loan you want. Once thoroughly checked and approved Piggybank will deposit the money into your account within the next hour via UK’s Faster Payments.

Piggybank withdraws the repayment amount from your bank account on your agreed payday as established on your loan documentation. PiggyBank urges people going through serious financial problem to seek the Step Change Debt Charity service, instead of applying for a short-term loan.

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