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Lending Stream is an alternative payday loan that has been providing people with short term loans since way back 2008. New clients can have an initial credit from £50 to £800 and frequent clients can apply for up to £1500. To apply for a Lending Stream loan, one must be a legitimate resident of U.K, at least 18 years of age, a regular employee with a monthly income of at least £400 and have a valid debit card and an active bank account.

Why it is best to deal with Lending Stream?

Because this company offers a no-fee loans which means that there is no application fee, no transaction fees and no early repayment fees and they do not have hidden fees at all. Loan fees are related to missed payments meaning on the first occasion that a repayment amount is due and it was not settled, a default charge of up to £15 will be applied. On other occasion that a Repayment Amount is due and it was unpaid on a given Payment Date, if full £15 default charge on the first occasion was not , further charge will be applied that will result in the combined default charges. They also know the essence of how important time is to their clients. That’s why they have designed a process that is streamlined, stress free and a responsible alternative to Payday Loans.

They have an online form and an advance system that analyses the details about the application and if it is successful, they process the money transfer in 15 minutes upon approval. All you have to do is to give your bank details. This means 24/7 deposit even on bank holidays. This is what makes Lending Stream special, not to consider that they have a stable interest rate and a website that is easy to use. They also make sure that the client will be able to have a flexible repayment scheme that is why they give clients a 6 month period for payback. However, the client has the option when it comes to repayment. They can either avail of the 6 months or they can pay in staggered basis whatever payment mode suits them.

The client should fully assess if a 6 month loan suits their needs. A Lending Stream loan is best used when a client needs a short term loan because these loans are a high- interest of borrowing and should not be used in loans that will last for more than 6 months.

Lending Stream is also a good alternative for people with bad credit. They perfectly understand that even people with bad credit needs a loan every so often. But they might find it difficult to find an institution that would facilitate their loan. Lending Streams refined procedure allows them to take a closer and personalized view of their present individual situation, they don’t just look at their clients’ credit score making Lending Stream the top provider for people with poor or bad credit standing.

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